Call Tracking Software Buyer's Guide: Top 10 Solutions of 2019

With so many Call Tracking Software and options to choose from, we've put together this free comparison guide for shoppers to sift through some the best call tracking service providers out there. Our analysts have diligently researched and tested the latest call tracking systems, filtering out industry leading solutions with the most advanced features, backed by unparalleled customer service, and aggressive price offerings. The call center software picks we've featured below offer plans for any company size, competitive pricing, and a fully managed, hands-on approach to getting you up and running in the shortest possible time.

Latest Call Tracking Software Reviews
Darryl F.
February 19, 2019
The Twilio platform is a fantastic gateway for communications of all types. Their levels of APIs is insane!
Sam B.
February 14, 2018
The HIPPA Compliant call tracking, along with the security that comes along with it really helps with one of my larger clients so that we can show them the value of...
Greg D.
February 8, 2018
What I like most about Twilio is that it allows me to initiate a chat bot from an SMS message. This is particularly handy in recruiting applications where I want...
Rachel C.
February 6, 2018
It helps us to know when someone is calling into one of our tracking lines. It integrates with Infusionsoft via zapier (one way connection so that infusionsoft...

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call Tracking Software, like the name states, simply allows your business to track incoming calls, and determine where these calls are being generated from. This could mean tracking different online ad campaigns like Google AdWords, search engine results, or even physical advertisements like newspaper ads and flyers. The software generates unique phone numbers for each marketing campaign, to be tracked and recorded.

While a lot of customers and clients are switching over to new channels of communications with businesses, like social media and web chat, it is still incredibly common for prospects to call your business. But when your business is running multiple different marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to truly understand where these potential clients discovered your business and its contact information.

This will make it difficult for your business to truly what marketing campaigns are working, and what marketing campaigns might need to be reworked or even abandoned all together. Without the proper insight into these campaigns, and where calls are generated, it will be almost impossible to determine the return on investment that these channels are having. Well, that's exactly where Call Tracking Software comes in.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Overall, the process of call tracking is fairly straight forward. In the past, it would be common place for a business to ask its clients and callers where or how they found out about them. In fact, this still happens fairly often -- if you ever sign up for an online service generally the business will ask how you found out about them. The idea is simply to understand which marketing campaigns are working better.

But in a digital world, it can be much more difficult to track multiple online ad campaigns, along with online searches and specific keywords, along with offline ad campaigns. So that's how call tracking software helps. By supplying your business with multiple phone numbers, your business can then use different phone numbers for different campaigns.

Call tracking software bundles together the phone numbers, the tracking of metrics, and can even integrate with an existing CRM platform to provide more in-depth customer information like purchase history and products of interest. Once each campaign has its own unique number, call tracking software makes it simple to narrow down and recognize both effective and in-effective campaigns.

Key Benefits Call Tracking Software:

While it seems as if Call Tracking Software only offers one single solution, tracking calls and their origins, these solutions offer a business so much more. Call Tracking Software does go a bit beyond this one simple function, and the benefits can be felt in multiple areas.

  1. In Depth ROI Insight - With continuous records of calls, and which marketing campaign the calls originate from, your business can gain a very deep understanding of their current campaigns, and a close look at the ROI of these different campaigns. If your online ads are getting zero calls, and you are spending $1000 a month, maybe its time to change something.
  2. Manage Different Marketing Campaigns - Because your business will have such an in-depth view into the effectiveness of the different marketing channels and campaigns, both online and offline, your business can now properly manage these different campaigns. The insight provided by Call Center Software will help drive educated decisions on how to improve.
  3. Track Performance Based Advertising - Tools like Google AdWords and other SEO services work a bit differently than traditional marketing campaigns, in that the purchaser will only pay when there are measurable results from the campaign. Call Tracking Software allows your business to gain a much closer eye on how these services are preforming, and even hone in on specific keywords and search phrases.
  4. Offer a Better Caller Experience - When combined with a CRM platform, your business will gain an immense insight into the how not only marketing campaigns are working, but how customer service is playing its part as well. Combine this marketing insight with personal information collected by a CRM to completely revolutionize the experience your callers receive. Utilize this information to direct callers to the right agent or department right away depending on the origin of their call.
  5. Manage Multiple Phone Accounts - Call Tracking Software generally provides your business with its own unique phone numbers, usually one per campaign. Through these solutions, your business can easily manage multiple phone numbers and accounts all from one single dashboard, with a close eye on the important metrics.

What to Look for in a Call Tracking Software Features:

When shopping for Call Tracking software, you might quickly notice that not all solutions are created equally. That's why its important to understand exactly what your business will need, along with the important features that help to create a complete call tracking solution. Not all solutions will contain the exact same features, and there are definitely a few important ones we recommend to always be looking for.

  • Intelligent Call Routing - Make sure that your callers always receive the help they need on their first try with intelligent call routing. These systems help route callers to the agent best suited to fit their needs, whether that be technical knowledge or department focus.
  • Keyword Tracking - With keyword tracking, your business can utilize call tracking software to monitor not only leads generated from phone calls, but also keyword searches on Google and other search engines. Understand how to best focus your website and content for SEO purposes.
  • CRM Integration - Integrations are an incredibly important aspect of any solution, allowing users to connect and integrate more than one app into the same user interface. With CRM integration, agents will be prepared with even more customer information including call history and products of interest to offer the best service possible. Link this information to better understand where leads are coming from.
  • Call Recording - A staple of any call or contact center, call recording is an incredibly important feature for any business looking to improve their service. Call recording ensures compliance to both specific laws and best practices, providing a database to return to when necessary. With call tracking, call recording makes it simple to qualify leads, improve service and train new agents.
  • Smartphone/Mobile Call Tracking - Most of us are using our smart phones to do our shopping and business these days. These devices contain a massive amount of data that can be helpful to any business looking to improve services and increase their marketing ROI. Use this information to better understand how mobile users interact with your website and engage in a conversation with your business.
  • Real-Time and Historical Reporting - With both real-time and historical metrics recorded by your call tracking software, your business can gain a deep insight into how well campaigns are functioning in the current moment, but also the ability to look back into the past to recognize any trends or patterns over time.

What to Look for When Comparing Call Tracking Software Providers:

Of course looking for the best provider possible goes a bit beyond the features included with the solution. Different providers may offer the same features, but the cost might vary, or the depth of the feature might vary as well. For example, while most call tracking solutions will offer phone numbers to track campaigns, not all will include local or toll-free numbers. Recognizing these distinctions can help your business find the best solution for their needs.

  • Network - Many providers will essentially piggy-back off an existing network hosted by a larger provider. Therefore it is important to distinguish if the network is hosted and run by your call tracking software provider directly. Removing the middle man will prevent issues from occurring, and decrease the time it takes to address them.
  • Customer Service - Just like with any other cloud service, customer service is an integral part of what makes a solution stand out among the competitors. If the network goes down, your business experiences an issue, customer service will be your go-to for help and support. Look for providers that make contacting customer service as easy as possible, with a known track record of successfully solving issues.
  • Pricing - Of course one of the most important aspects of choosing a provider will be the cost. Some providers will offer more features for less money, while others will lock off the best features until their more expensive plans. Pricing will vary based on different providers and levels of service offered.
  • Local and Toll-free Numbers  - It might be standard for Call Tracking providers to offer multiple telephone numbers in order to best track individual leads. However, it is important to look for a provider that offers both local and toll-free numbers for even further personalization and more intense call tracking.
  • Available Integrations With Your Existing Solutions - As we mentioned before, integrations are an incredibly crucial part of modern solutions and software, allowing us to bridge the gaps between two separate apps. Ensure the provider you are looking at offers integration for the solutions your business is already utilizing.

Some Final Thoughts to Call Tracking Software Shoppers:

Any size business, from the largest Enterprise to the smallest one-man band SMB, will be able to benefit greatly from leveraging the insight provided by Call Tracking Software. Retire the age old method of simply asking callings or clients "how did you hear about us?" and begin to utilize the cutting edge technology that these solutions provide.

When combined with both a CRM solution and Contact Center Software, your business can gain massive insight into how your business is currently operating, where costs can be cut or should be redirected, and also how to offer the best experience possible to every single caller and potential client for your business.

If your business is investing money in marketing campaigns, its simply a no brainer to leverage the power of Call Tracking Software in order to better understand and track the return on investment of these campaigns. Without Call Tracking Software, your business is essentially left in the dark, without a clear picture of which campaigns are working, and which might need improving.