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Movies and TV Shows that Predicted Future Technology

Fiction and pop culture make bold predictions about the future all the time.

More often than not, these predictions are wildly inaccurate and become the source of mockery. However, every so often these fictional portrayals eventually become reality.

Whether it’s a film such as Minority Report, which accurately predicted multiple technologies we have today or a movie like Escape From New York that got many things horribly wrong; our culture has a fascination with trying to guess what the future will look like.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most famous fictional predictions of the future that turned out to be right. These predictions include such technological advancements as:

Many of these technologies likely seemed far-fetched during the time of filming, and probably drew the ire of the public at the time. But those who predicted them are the ones laughing now as these technologies actually came to fruition.

Check out the fun infographic below to learn more about the times pop culture predicted future technology.

Technology Predictions Infographic


Looking back at these predictions is both entertaining and inspiring. In many of these instances, what once seemed like outlandish fantasy has become a normal part of our everyday lives. For example, business VoIP was likely dismissed as science-fiction at one point in time.

These innovations are a testament to the human imagination and drive to make that imagination a reality.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to develop, there’s no telling what possibilities the future may hold.

Makes you wonder what movies will be right about in 20 years!

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