Workplace/Culture f Reuben Yonatan hJune 04, 2017

Which Fictional Boss Are You? Flowchart

Whether you’re a boss at work, at home, or in another part of your life, there are surely situations where you have to make an executive decision. When you do, do you rule with an iron fist or show compassion? Do you make your own path or follow the rules?

To help you find out which famous boss you’d be, we created this flowchart with some of our favorite bosses from film and television.

Fictional Boss Flowchart

So which boss are you? Does that boss’s personality resonate? Is there anything you can learn from him or her?

Though these characters aren’t real, they can still teach us lessons. Some show us what poor leadership looks like, while others inspire us to take charge and handle difficult situations with class. Fictional characters even give insightful and inspiring business advice. Some of our favorite inspiring quotes are:

All these characters reiterate the importance of self-confidence, mastery, and speaking up for what you believe in -- often much needed reminders.

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