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6 Stories of Stellar Customer Service: These VoIP Providers Go The Extra Mile

We probably all have a fair share of customer service horror stories to share online or with friends. With customer service being such an integral part of how consumers view and perceive your brand, no one wants to see their company on the other end of a horror story. In fact, at this point, the customer's experience is one of the major factors both consumers and business owners will rely on when shopping for a solution or service provider.  Just take a look at these customer service stats to see how important customer service really is.

Customer Service is Key

I've said this time and time again: when it comes to VoIP and collaboration, helpful customer service is imperative. We hope a service will never go down; however, the world isn't perfect, and even the biggest provider with the most robust network will experience hiccups. Even if service interruption is a rare and unexpected event, if a provider cannot offer support when help is most needed, then users will quickly switch solutions. Just having a customer service team who will do everything they can to help is enough to help ease minds.

We always hear about when customer service goes wrong, but what about when customer service goes right? Well, as the saying goes, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." The vast majority of customer service experiences we will read and hear about are negative because only the negative ones are broadcasted. However, what many fail to realize is that this is more often than not a vocal minority. The silent majority -- those who had agents go above and beyond to solve the issue -- their stories need to be heard. When a caller walked away satisfied and didn't feel the need to complain and be heard -- that's when customer service goes right.

Everyone Deserves A Fair Chance

Negative customer service experiences can have a big impact on a business; meanwhile, the positive stories that highlight a great experience are left out of the mix. We felt that just wasn't very fair. So, we wanted to reach out to hear some really positive customer service experiences. We thought this would be a great opportunity for providers to illustrate just how amazing their service is, as well as offer a template for any business to learn from. Take a look below for examples of top customer service from VoIP providers that went the extra mile.

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="1" name="Nextiva" title="A Tweet One Day Leads To Satisfaction The Next" body="A customer of a competitor wasn’t receiving the help they needed from their provider; they were experiencing long hold times, and after multiple troubleshooting attempts, they couldn’t get their phones to work. Since Nextiva is known for Amazing Service, the person tweeted for help and included Nextiva to ask for assistance with their phones.

Our team immediately saw the tweet, and a Nextiva Technical Support Representative called them to help. We got their Polycom phones working within ten minutes, and the person was super thankful. They have since recommended many customers to Nextiva. Click here for more Nextiva reviews. " photo_id="25544" photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/nextiva-log.png"]

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="2" name="ClarityTel" title="A Late Night Call To Restore Emergency Services" body="This past January, 2017, Chris with ClarityTel received an after business hours call at 8:00PM on a Friday evening. It was Sergio with DataNet Systems, an IT and PBX vendor stating that they had a medical facility with a PRI that was currently down on another provider and no immediate resolution in sight.

They needed to get 30 SIP Trunks and 50 DID’s turned up promptly for their client so that the facility would have 911 emergency services and a way callers to contact the facility over the weekend. Since the ClarityTel standard provisioning department was closed for the weekend, Chris immediately initiated contact with one of the switch team lead engineers and was able to start the turn up process with the ClarityTel team and vendor.

The customer was back up and working with the ClarityTel SIP Trunking service within the hour with 911 and phone services restored for the weekend.  That following Monday, when the customer’s PRI service came back up, the customer decided that it was in their best interest to retain the ClarityTel SIP Trunking services in a backup capacity in case this scenario ever presented itself again.

It was determined that it was worth the investment in order to ensure that reinforcements from a reliable company were always readily available when needed until the current provider’s service contract expires and ClarityTel can become the primary vendor moving forward. Click here for more ClarityTel reviews.

" photo_id="25542" photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/test1.png"]

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="3" name="Broadview Networks" title="Broadview's Help Put A Smile on This Dentist's Face" body="One Fine Smile is a busy dental office located in Oak Park, Illinois. For years they had been using an outdated manufacturer discontinued digital phone system – with POTS lines and no voice mail. They called because their existing system had ceased to function suddenly. Additionally, they were planning on moving locations to a new office within a month.

Prime Telecommunications replaced their existing system with a temporary unit within two hours and was able to provide them with a hosted solution from Broadview that not only provided them with a lower monthly cost, voice mail, cordless sets, and integration with their dental office software – installed and operational before their move.

The staff was trained and familiar with the new system prior to the move. Broadview was also able to incorporate new numbers from another dental practice that One Fine Smile had acquired. The whole move and simultaneous operations out of both offices were carried out- and One Fine Smile never lost a call, smiling throughout the move. Click here for more Broadview Network reviews." photo_id="25545" photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/Broadview-logo.png"]

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="4" name="OnSIP" title="Epic Service Saves The Day For Epic Marketing" body="Earlier this month, Epic Marketing , a comprehensive marketing consultancy located in Utah, ported about 20 phone numbers to OnSIP from a competitive and well-known business VoIP service. The port successfully completed; the numbers soundly moved to OnSIP.

Then, Epic Marketing discovered that some of their customers experienced dead air when attempting to call them. Just a subset. After a bit of investigation, David Ludwig, the Production Manager at Epic Marketing, found that the subset of customers who couldn’t reach them also happened to be using their previous VoIP provider, the competitive and well-known business VoIP service. David reported this issue to OnSIP’s Customer Success Team. Michael Steiner, OnSIP Director of Porting, took the case.

Michael informed the customer that this was most likely occurring because the prior provider had not removed the phone numbers from their system after they ported to OnSIP. Because Epic Marketing’s customers were also using the previous provider who hadn’t updated their system, their calls were adrift within the provider’s network. In other words, the provider’s data maintenance hiccup caused our customer a headache. Michael decided to take matters into his own hands and call our competitor.

A few days later, Michael got confirmation from the previous provider’s rep that they had removed these phone numbers from their system. Michael reported this back to Epic Marketing, and they confirmed that all of their customers were able to successfully reach them. Click here for more OnSIP reviews. " photo_id="25546" photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/onsip-logo.png"]

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="5" name="Jive Communications" title="A Freak Ice Storm Knocks Out Service Overnight" body="A freak overnight ice storm knocked out the a businesses switches - which also brought down their existing phone system.  The customer reached out to the partner for help.

The partner reached out to Jive.  Eddie (sales rep) notified the Jive team and they jumped all over it.  We were able to create and process their work order, get the phones shipped overnight, create temporary dial plans, loan them phones and a switch, bring an engineer onsite to help with the install, and get them answering calls in less than 4 hours. They have been praising Jive and the team ever since! Click here for more Jive Communications reviews. " photo_id="25543" " photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/jive-logo.png"]

[person_box photo_type="blurred" rank="6" name="VirtualPBX" title="A Custom Tailored System For a Unique Problem" body="A recently-signed customer had unique challenges with routing calls in multiple languages. They had previously deployed an on-premise IP PBX to handle call traffic for their over 400 employees, but this on-premise option failed to meet many of the organization’s complex routing requirements, and it lacked the highly specialized IT engineering staff to address them.

The company, therefore, relied on a third party service to manage their routing and call handling needs, but that relationship had grown stale. The specific challenges fell into larger categories of call routing, managing high concurrent call volume, bilingual greeting and extension options, creating a multi-tiered Auto Attendant, and the need to consistently forward calls without compromising connections or call quality.

Our Product Specialist began by quickly assessing the base technical requirements and determining what technological or network limitations, if any, would impact the successful delivery of the client’s ideal phone system. Following the presentation of several effective solution models to the customer, we were able to agree on the one that perfectly met their technical requirements and also fit well within their budget. We were then able to deliver a customized and fully-functioning test system with the defined configuration and we were each pleased to see all systems performed as seamlessly and satisfactorily as promised." photo_id="25549" photo="https://thevoipdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/virtual-pbx.png"]


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