Cloud Computing & Web Services f Samara Lynn hSeptember 17, 2015

Report: Mobility Top Motivator for Adopting UC

A new report released by Evolve IP, a cloud services company, reveals that mobility is the prime reason why businesses seek out cloud communications solutions.

Among 1,024 surveyed, for those who already have some sort of cloud communication tool deployed, 76 percent have video capabilities already included but expressed the desire for mobility in those solutions.

The survey also revealed that many IT professionals and executives have little understanding of the term “unified communications.” Only 1 in 4 surveyed said they were “very familiar” with the term, and 35 percent said they were not familiar with the term at all.

Evolve IP conducted Google searches which align with that lack of understanding of unified communications. There are over 19,000 monthly searched for “video conferencing” versus just a little over 7,500 searched for the phrase “unified communications.”

Other findings in the survey include:

“This year’s communications survey clearly shows that mobility is a major driver for organizations when evaluating what they need their next communications system to enable,” says Don Mennig, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Evolve IP. “Channel partners will be very well served to make that a vital part of their conversation with end-buyers while steering clear of the broader ‘unified communications’ catch-all. Buyers are looking for real features and benefits and the term UC just hasn’t connected with them."

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