Voip & Unified Communications f Samara Lynn hSeptember 08, 2015

Infographic: The State of Virtual Meetings

An infographic details findings from a new report from Blue Jeans Networks called the “State of the Modern Meeting.” The report provides hard data on whether or not virtual meetings serve to boost productivity, help save costs and how they have changed our work communication habits. The report is based on data from over a million meetings hosted on Blue Jeans Network’s platform in over 177 countries across every continent as well as results from a survey of 391 business decision makers.

The report does in fact find that Web conferencing is up more than 100 percent in the corporate world in the past six months alone. Virtual meetings are confirmed to cut down travel time and costs, saving $1.3 billion in travel-related expenses and have employees logging 2.1 billion miles less in traveling.

Some other interesting details include:

Blue Jeans Networks Infographic
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