Voip & Unified Communications f Michael Ventimiglia hDecember 26, 2013

The Biggest VoIP Stories of 2013

As the year winds down, its important to take a look back and really take in the past year. While every year brings a number of new developments, 2013 seemed especially chock full. So, we took a look around and rounded up some of the biggest VoIP stories of 2013.

VoIP underwent a lot of changes in 2013. As more and more new platforms and modes come fourth, the telephony mode has grown to adapt and incorporate when possible. There are countless stories, mergers, patents, and buy outs throughout the year; however, not all are be-all, end-all. The above encapsulates the major points of 2013 in VoIP. Feel free to drop us a note and let us know if we've missed any stories.

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