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Making Sense of the Options: Hosted vs. Cloud vs. On-Premises Solutions

Everybody loves options, but nobody likes confusion - unfortunately these two come in pairs from time to time. This panel discussion grappled with the reasons for that disorientation, and the way in which providers are working hard to combat this from occurring. Sharing their valuable insights were representatives from OpenText, Vitely Communications, Tadiran, Ringcentral, and Gartner. Consistent with our last entry, there was a lot of overlap regarding security measures and the level of control relegated to subscribers. The name of the panel might give the impression this was overly ambitious for a 45-minute session, though the focus was more holistic in nature.

Nature of Migration:

Common Points in Cloud Transition:

Where the System/Customer Fails or Faulters:

Role of Portals:



The discussion answered a lot of looming questions involved in the transition to cloud and hosted services, along with the what customers and providers can do to help their own causes. With each successive Expo, it is becoming apparent that many service providers are developing a firm handle on where things have been, and consequently, where they are going. Other key points from this discussion involved the growing favor of taking your extension with you, via a mobile device. This presents a new set of challenges, and with success, a boundless, untethered privilege for consumers. It's truly an exciting time for VoIP & UC, as 'making sense of the options' available paves a path for better business & communications. It's a learning process for everyone that brings great value in the long-run, and I'm personally thrilled that it's shaping up so nicely.

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