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8x8, Inc: Setting Up Auto Attendant & Call Groups

8x8, Inc. offers a lot of great features that may be accessed in the Account Manager Portal. Once users are accustomed to navigating the menus within, they'll find the ease of use along with the amount of options to be a driving force for their business. There's a lot to be said about a dedicated, completely digital and on-screen way to manage and customize your business VoIP phone service. In this video, there are detailed instructions and menus to get you started by setting up your auto attendant and call hunting groups to make sure calls never go unanswered and are addressed/directed properly in the event they do:

Also included with 8x8 service, is Virtual Office, a refined dashboard where users can log on and tap into their office infrastructure and even dial out through the softphone. Not limited to only these features, the 8x8 customer can schedule meetings, and hold conferences via the webcam and microphone ready program. In my next video, I'll showcase some of the finer features of the web-based dashboard such as setting call forwarding and initiating videoconferences. Stay tuned...

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