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$500 Giveaway Winner Announcement to Fonality's Customer

The wait is over! July's $500 "Hello Summer" Giveaway has ended and a winner has been selected. Thank you to all 95 reviewers that have participated and shared your experience, and feedback on your current VoIP provider. There is no doubt that your feedback will go a long way and most certainly help others that are currently searching for VoIP services, and are in need of your VoIP reviews to help them make their selection

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the winner of our very first giveaway. The $500 cash prize winner is - Fonality's customer SHAWN, who is currently using Fonality's Services for his business needs. Here is Shawn's review:

Fonality Review by Shawn

Further instructions on claiming your $500 prize will be emailed. Stay tuned folks, we will be having another giveaway very soon! Be sure to follow us on any of our social for the next giveaway announcement. (FaceBook, Google+ , LinkedIn, Twitter)

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