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ViaTalk vs VOIPo - Head to Head Comparison

In this head to head provider comparison, we’re comparing two residential VoIP providers, VOIPo and ViaTalk. The prices on the web sites are more straightforward, and there are about 40 features that come standard with every VoIP service. From there, it’s a question of determining the best price, and the unique features, if any, to each provider.

On the day of this review, the blowout price for VOIPo was $129 for two years, making it look like the clear winner before the competition had even begun. Then, I noticed something was missing from their web page-there was no mobile app. I was able to determine, with the help of their online support tech, that there indeed was no mobile app. But, VOIPo was hyping up their SIP functionality. So, could I use their SIP credentials on a mobile device? I asked the VOIPo support tech, and he said yes, and even recommended I use the free 3CX mobile app. Take a look a the side-by-side comparison chart below:

Features/Services Compared VOIPo Visit Site Visit ViaTalk Visit Site
Blowout Sale Price $129 for 2 years $189 for 2 years
BYOD Option Yes Yes
Equipment Fee Free Free
Equipment Shipping Costs Free $10.95 Economy

$40.90 Rush Express

Fax $5/mo or $36/yr $5.95/mo, 200 outgoing minutes
International Minutes In Basic Plan 100 0
Mobile App Available Through Third Party SIP Clients iPhone
Number Porting Fee Free Free
Regular monthly price: $15/month $15.75/mo
Service Portability Yes Yes
Setup/Activation Fee Free Free
Tech Support, Phone M-F 12pm-8pm ET, US-based M-F 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm, ET, US-Based
Tech Support, Web Knowledge Base, Email support Knowledge Base, Email support
Toll Free # $4.95/mo + $0.05/min $4.95/mo (or $36/yr) + $0.049/min
Trial/Money Back Guarantee  Period 30 days 14 Days
U.S/Canada Calling Unlimited Unlimited
Virtual Numbers $5/mo or $36/yr $3.95/mo
Virtual Numbers $5/mo or $36/yr $3.95/mo
Voicemail Transcription n/a n/a
More Details Visit Site Visit Site

Here is a partial list of features provided by both ViaTalk and VOIPo:  3-way calling, Basic Call Features, Call Forwarding Rules, Call Return/*69, Distinctive Ring, Directory Services/411, E911, Enhanced Voicemail w/Notification, Remote Access, Softphone, Privacy rules, SIP Address,

The Verdict - We have a clear winner in this one, but there’s plenty of room for a rematch. At the prices listed the day I write this, VOIPo is clearly a winner, with slightly lower prices in every category. Even the shipping is cheaper. That said, ViaTalk has one day specials all the time, and another day, the prices might be different. ViaTalk also offers a native mobile app, and I don’t have to tell you how easy it is to download an app and put it on your iPhone. Both ViaTalk and VOIPo offer prices far below the phone company’s rates, and offer services that can’t be had without VoIP. On this day, I give the nod to VOIPo, but on any other day, it could have just as easily been ViaTalk.


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